Brutalist tripod stools


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Brutalist tripod stools

We fell in love with these charming stools picked up from a little grandpa who makes them himself!

Made with his hands and his heart, these stools are in wood, raw or varnished, in a "brutalist" style. They can be used as a stool but also as a side table, plant holder or even assembled together as nesting tables. It's up to you to have fun with it!

5 different models:

- Small in raw or varnished wood - Height about 40cm // Ø 20-25cm

- Large in raw or varnished wood - Height approximately 47cm // Ø 32-37cm

- Rectangular - Height 37cm // 31x15cm

Each stool being a unique model, the dimensions are given as an indication.

Each piece is carefully selected but may still bear the trace of its artisanal manufacture (which is also its charm).