Marie-Alix Ourson, creator of the eco-responsible decoration e-shop Habituari

To begin, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am Marie -Alix, I founded Habituari, an online decoration store where each object has one or more eco-responsible characters highlighted in the product sheet.

Besides, I am also a trainer for Studi where I teach future decorators how to integrate eco-responsibility criteria into their project.

And finally, because I like to use my head and my hands, I am also a facialist. I offer facials whose goal is to maintain your skin and muscles in a natural way, thanks to your hands!

A general approach to well-being.

Your relationship to objects in a global way:

Where does your relationship to objects and decoration come from?

I have always loved decoration, the universe of the house. My mother is very decorative, it allowed me to explore this taste, and I am naturally very attached to the idea of ​​home, where I can express myself. I internalize a lot, so it's easier for me to express myself through the house. It is a reflection of our inner life, in part.

And like everything, it evolves with time, desires, age and wisdom ah ah ah But I remain fairly consistent, I don't give in to fashions and I think I know myself. There are therefore evolutions more than revolutions.


Are you more into the minimalist team or on the contrary do you like to accumulate?

I don't accumulate, the too much object worries me!

I regularly sort, as if the objects had to pass the filter of my appreciation ah ah ah However, the objects which I like, I keep them a long time, even for all the life. I'm pretty loyal!


How do you choose your decoration and the objects that make it up?

For the decoration, I generally go to the heart stroke. Strangely, the objects work rather well between them. Finally I believe ah ah ah

I like the idea that each thing is the fruit of a particular story, it makes the objects come alive. And like all stories, one day they have an end, when the time comes it's not complicated to part with them.

Tell me about your “heart object”:

What is this object that particularly makes your heart vibrate? and why did you choose to tell us about this one in particular?

 Cornelian question!! Since at home there are a lot of favorites :)

 I chose my little fish embroidered by hand by women in Tunisia, my holy. I found it in Rivières' shop. It comes from Tunisian craftsmanship as well as its traditions.

 For the record, when Christelle opened her shop in the 14th, rue Saint Yves, she hung these Holy, these hand-embroidered objects, on the walls. Birds, fish. And each time, I said to him “Ooooh it's so pretty!” But they weren't for sale. Of course, I wasn't the only one thinking about it. She then set up in Tunisia, a workshop with women, to launch a production. This is how I was able to offer myself a holy! They were originally offered to newlyweds, to protect the home. I love their symbolism and it's very pretty :)

I've had it for a few years, it hangs above my sofa, and I intend to keep it for the rest of my life!

Your Chinese portrait of objects:

What item would you take to a desert island?

It's not decoration! My teddy :)

If you had to reincarnate yourself as an object, which one would it be?

A beautiful ceramic vase like those of Lola Moreau, which would receive the most beautiful flowers!

If you had to keep only one object at home?

My holy!

Which object best represents you?

A soft cushion with a pretty color, decorative and comforting, useful and pleasant :)

What object could you forget in a move? #whoops

Plates offered when I was a student, which I still use although I never liked them :/

What object that you do not (yet) own would you dream of having?

A beautiful, comfortable corner sofa with a pretty velvet fabric like those from Bed and Philosophy!

Bonus question: can you think of a person who would have a lot to tell me?

Stephanie from @lmlesfleurs!!

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