Heart selection, what is it? 🧐

For those in a hurry, the short version 🚀

An online flea market where you will find unique second-hand pieces around the art of the table, decoration and furniture, all while limiting your ecological impact. ♻️

Full box, no?

And for the dreamers, the longer version 💭

Heart selection is above all a story of passion ♥️: that of objects that have already had 1000 lives, that of searching to find THE nugget in the middle of a pile of bazaar and then that of offering you favorite pieces , carefully selected, to make your interior a place that suits you.

Sélection coeur also means making the choice of reasoned consumption by helping a very small business that takes the plunge, by promoting creativity and quality and by preferring to continue to make the heart of existing objects beat faster.

And who is behind all this?

Here I'm not the star but all the treasures I hunt for you ✨

But behind all this, there is someone 🙋🏻‍♀️

I am Anouk, 33 years old, Parisian for 10 years.

If I do a little flashback 10 years back, nothing suggested that I could have launched a project like Heart Selection.

Indeed, freshly arrived in Paris, after studying law, the Bar in my pocket, I realize that the prospect of spending the next 40 years writing conclusions bores me deeply (a little long on the trigger…🙃) .

This is how I get back into communication studies in which I discovered creativity, in particular thanks to a great experience at My Little Paris but also great challenges and encounters within my professional experience that followed ⚡

But (necessarily there is a but, otherwise neither you nor I would be there), after almost 3 years, the Covid and all the upheaval it has caused has crystallized a lot of questions and questioned the famous "meaning" what I did on a daily basis.

A big kick in the butt later, I quit my job and embark on a skills assessment at Switch Collective to take stock - I knew what I no longer wanted but I was in an artistic blur as to my real professional desires. Little by little, my slightly crazy dream of creating a project around second-hand decoration came to me to become obvious 💞

So, clearly it's far from easy every day (see the roller coaster of emotions of self-entrepreneurship 🎢, loneliness in the face of Excel accounting tables 💩, learning the rules of the ring road jungle ' Parisian when I go antiquing 🛺...) but with each nugget discovered in the middle of a pile of broken gadgets, each treasure sold or each sweet word you send me, the butterflies in my stomach get carried away and I feel where I need to be.

Thank you for following me in this parachute jump ❤️

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