Céline Frankart - Alias ​​@celine_malleotresors in civilian life and "crazy" flea market on @pupucesboutique

To begin, can you introduce yourself in a few words: Who are you?

I am Celine, I am younger than Cher but younger than Dua Lipa. I follow @celine_malleotresors on Instagram, @pupucesboutique in my work, mom for my daughters and my husband's weasel. I live in the Paris region and I like tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms.

Your relationship to objects in a global way:

Before discovering what object you are going to tell us about, can you tell us what place you give to objects and decoration in general in your daily life?

I have an immoderate love which will ruin me for objects. I project memories, times that I would have liked to live. I accumulate them, put them back, take them out. I don't know how to do without.

Sometimes I sort, but it's hard. That's why I created “pupuces”, my online store. It gives me a reason not to give up nuggets that I don't have the space to keep at home.

Where does your relationship to objects and decoration come from?

I do not know. I don't think my family has the same attachment to things that I do. My mum was keen to have a nice house but never accumulated as much as I can. On the other hand, if I already had fertile personal ground for the love of objects, I think that the meeting with my husband made it hatch and explode. We are now two nuts, our daughters have caught the virus, we are in trouble.

Do you feel that you are changing in your tastes? If so, in what sense?

Absolutely. We are already evolving in our way of consuming. If a few years ago I could crack in fast deco shops, it is now unthinkable for me. I don't even want to go in "to see" anymore, I don't feel like it at all anymore. This necessarily results in an evolution of tastes, an attention paid to materials and quality.

I can very rarely be tempted by the work of an independent designer, but otherwise it's vintage vintage vintage ❤️

Tell me about your “heart object”:

What is this object? Why did you choose to tell us about this one in particular?

I struggled to decide because I really have a lot of affection for most of the objects that populate our house. But go for Twiggy!

It's an object that we see a lot among vintage lovers, but this one, found in a garage sale in Picardy during the big recovery of this season, made me so happy that I owed it a bet. in light.

We change her headgear regularly, since her arrival she has been beautiful in the fields with a crown of flowers, worn the American flag scarf, been a waitress at In-N-Out and a lifeguard.

Imagine, we are in August 2023, do you think you would be accompanied by the same object?

I'm sure not . At each garage sale I come back with a little crush that makes me marvel. By next year a lot of new oddities will have appeared at the pretty millstone. Already there I took two weeks to decide on the one I was going to choose!

Your Chinese portrait of objects:

What item would you take to a desert island?

A book. Jean Hegland's forest (it's so Télérama 🤣 )

If you had to reincarnate yourself as an object, which one would it be?

A beautiful Marie Brizzard carafe to hear all the conversations at the table.

If you had to keep only one object at home?

A disco ball. It's so relaxing to watch the reflections they make on the walls...

Which object best represents you?

The word sympa in sign letter in our entrance (humility my strong point)

What object could you forget in a move? #whoops

The 13,000 stuffed animals of my daughters

What object that you do not (yet) own would you dream of having?

A heat pump (it's very down to earth but when you renovate you don't necessarily have very glamorous dreams)

Bonus question: do you think of a person who would have lots of things to tell me for an upcoming interview?

I would say @catherinezarrabian or my friend Anne-charlotte @mybrouhaha

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